No experience needed

Whether you're new to playing guitar or have a couple years under your belt, we have challenges that are appropriate for all skill levels. You will never be out of place here, everybody's welcome.

Improve your skills

Consistency over time is the key to getting better when it comes to playing and improvising on any instrument or composing beautiful songs regardless of music style.

Showcase your own ideas

Our goal at Guitarahub is to give you real-world training and challenges that will allow you to develop the skills you need to play the instrument to the best you can while enjoy the journey.

Learn through fun courses

Effective learning is always been associated with having fun while you practice. These exercises guaranteed fun hours of practice by while you gain better fretboard vocabulary.

Play melodies and harmonies that you like by ear

Develop you own voice on the instrument by your new found fretboard skills and technique gained by having fun on your practice sessions. Gain a lot more confidence building improvisational solos with your the new found skills.

How it works

We've taken a complex process and broken it down into easy, digestible steps.


Increase your difficulty level as you progress to stay challenged and continue learning.


Pristine Guitar Course

The most complete guitar course on the internet, content course is added every week and has a community of talented guitarists.